Top Twitchied by Article

RankTweepTotal Articles
71Rschrim (@rschrim) 194
72Byron York (@byronyork) 194
73Laura Ingraham (@ingrahamangle) 193
74Kurt Schlichter (@kurtschlichter) 192
75Erick Erickson (@ewerickson) 191
76Brian Faughnan (@brianfaughnan) 187
77Josh Jordan (@numbersmuncher) 186
78SFK (@stephenkruiser) 183
79andrew kaczynski (@buzzfeedandrew) 182
80H (@tark31) 181
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Description of Data

This data shows the top Twitchied Tweeps by the total number of articles they've been mentioned in. There is another table that shows the top Tweeps overall tweets mentioned.