Top Twitchied by Article

RankTweepTotal Articles
41Kathleen McKinley (@katmckinley) 304
42Noah Rothman (@noahcrothman) 300
43The White House (@whitehouse) 300
44Adam Baldwin (@adambaldwin) 297
45David Freddoso (@freddoso) 295
46John Nolte (@noltenc) 295
47Greg Pollowitz (@gpollowitz) 292
48Gabriel Malor (@gabrielmalor) 287
49BiasedGirl (@biasedgirl) 282
50Guy Benson (@guypbenson) 279
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Description of Data

This data shows the top Twitchied Tweeps by the total number of articles they've been mentioned in. There is another table that shows the top Tweeps overall tweets mentioned.