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We'd actually love to hear from you. If you have any suggestions, or need to contact support for something we're doing do not hesitate to get in touch with us on Twitter, or via email.

We're making the assumption that you know how to construct an email address. For example, if this were, and we told you that our two email addresses were twitchied, and support, we assume you know that we mean:

Ironically, or not, our two contact email addresses are twitchied, and support. Suggestions, praise, and general questions should go to the twitchied. Complaints, or bug reports should go to support. (hint: replace with

We're sorry we can't give you a handy link to click on, but your email is important to us. If we were to make a pretty and clickable link then nasty people who like to spam would pick up our addresses and fill our mail server with garbage, possibly obscuring relevant email from our legitimate visitors.

Besides, if you can't figure out how to construct an email address from the information above, we probably wouldn't be able to read your version of English anyway.

~ Twitchied (@Twitchied)

Contact us on Twitter, if you need more information.