Welcome to Twitchied!

Twitchied is an idea I've been working on for a long time. It has been mostly a bunch of software I used for my own edification. The data is actually good enough now to expose to anyone interested. The web site is clearly a work-in-progress. Twitchied isn't another blog, so I have to write the application from scratch. Using tools like WordPress or Drupal make designing a site easy. Unfortunately, they leave a lot to be desired for anything other than fancy layouts.

The next steps for Twitchied are to round out the views into Twitchy into nice reports. Additionally, a search feature will be provided that allows more rich searching into Twitchy's content. Twitchy isn't just about fun. It's a useful tool for capturing moments in time. Twitchy's search feature leaves a lot to be desired, however.

If you have special requests, find me on Twitter and DM me. If you don't follow me, I'll just delete the DMs. After you've made your requests and we've had an exchange of ideas, you can unfollow me so that your cool factor of having WAY more followers than followees can remain intact.

About Twitchied

Twitchied was born out of a personal curiosity about who makes it into Twitchy, how often, and under which topics. Additionally, I quickly realized that Twitchy is using the default WordPress search feature. It's not very robust which makes it difficult to use Twitchy as a reference to old topics. It is, after all, the site for "who said what?" My own desire to see statistics, analyze data, and challenge myself with new software projects prompted me to research how to approach this task without violating Twitchy's terms of use.

What Twitchied Is

Twitchied is a meta-search engine. The Twitchied servers do not store Twitchy content. There is no way to reconstruct any of the articles posted on Twitchy. Instead, certain metadata is collected, and indexed into a search engine. The only thing that comes out of Twitchied are links to Twitchy itself. Think of it as the Google of Twitchy, without the archiving (i.e. Google cache).

The other thing Twitchied does is provide statistics on Tweeps that have been quoted in Twitchy. You can find this data in the "Statistics" section of the site. Analyzing the data takes a considerable amount of time, and this is just my hobby, so it's still very much under development. As the data is analyzed, and a good understanding about what is interesting is in sight, the statistics section will provide more and more means of massaging the views into that data.

What Twitchied Is Not

Twitchied is not an archive of Twitchy. Only keywords and their relevant articles are stored in a mish-mash of indexes. Truth be told, when one looks at Twitchied data, you can't even make out any sentences since it's broken down to the word level with irrelevant words removed (if, but, and, the; etc.).

Twitchied is not a redesigned face for Google. It was built from the ground up and the data was gleaned from thousands of sources over a period of 6 months. Twitchied does not use Google on the back-end. If you really want to know about the technology, find me on Twitter. (@Twitchied).


As traffic has increased, so has the cost. It's really not that expensive to run, but donations do help as this site is independently owned and operated on privately maintained servers. We've seen a spike in traffic of over 3000% since the opening week. A couple dollars here and there do help!

Our goal is to complement Twitchy in their endeavor to capture the heart of the battle between a conservative America, and a progressive one. We'll be hosting lead content to give a broader voice to people with full blown features on hot topics. Our first example is David Draiman's article on Israel. We'd like to do more of this so broader coverage can be given to ongoing topics. These endeavors greatly increase traffic.


So far, there has only been one question asked frequently (about 10 times):

Don't you think it's unfair that Michelle Malkin ranks so high on a site she runs?
Yes, but only if you're a liberal. Otherwise, no.

~ Twitchied (@Twitchied)

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Donations help offset server costs. See our About page.